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Self Portrait in the Dining Room - Holy

“If the artist has outer and inner eyes for nature, nature rewards him by giving him inspiration.”


Wassily Kandinsky



I was born in Portugal and currently live in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland. People say I started drawing before I could even talk - my parents made sure to save some proof of this by filling many drawers with my childhood drawings. Later in life, it came as no surprise that I decided to study to be a professional artist. I have a Degree in Painting - Fine Arts & a Masters in Art by the University of Lisbon.

People have always been a favourite subject of mine, and my preferred medium is oil paint, with which I like to create different, striking colourful portraits. However, lately my artistic focus has been divided into many different channels of things that interest me.

When moving to Scotland I also started focusing on portraits of other Nature(s) too – of the local Wildlife that amazed me, of curious birds & woodland animals. This opened up another path in my career, and I now spend a lot of time portraying animals too - including beloved family pets of all kinds! 


Portraits, Pet Portraits & Wildlife Art

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